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music school - trimurti garden

Ashoka Rehela is a master tabla player, who studied the art of Varanasi style table for ten years with professor Sh. Chhote Lal Mishra of Varnasi University.

After extensive studies in Varanasi, Ashoka returned to his home town to found the Trimurti Music School in 1989.  For over 25 years, he has now been teaching music and playing widely in concerts with a variety of artists. Students travel from all over the world to study at the music school.

The International Trimurti Music School is open throughout the year for tabla lessons and sitar, flute and vocal lesson in peak season upon request. Ashoka keeps a collection of instruments ready for spontaneous jam sessions with musicians who come to visit from around India and the world.  The Garden hosts occasional concerts and other performing arts classes and events